Azienda Agricola Petrera Pasquale has been making wine in the Gioia del Colle region since the late 1800’s.  Like many wineries in the area, bottling wine came very late to the game, and 5 generations later, the first bottles of ‘Fatalone’ were produced in 1987.
A winery with intense dedication to the earth, their organic farming practices prove to make exceptional Primitivo Gioia del Colle on many different tiers.  It is not so farfetched to learn that the aging wine is accompanied by calm music, when tasting the light, yet serious wines from this house.  An elegance that can only be experienced on the tongue, we find their style to compete with some of the greatest wines of Italy.


Taking advantage of the excellent sanitary conditions of Chile, and maintaining the old traditions in the land culture, the winery has transformed in the last years into one of the most important Chilean players in the organic wine production. All the vineyards are grown in total absence of chemical pesticides and herbicides thus resulting in an official organic grape production and they are certified by the Swiss Agency IMO, recognized through the world.


Leo HILLINGER was born in 1967 in Eisenstadt, Burgenland, into a traditional wine retailer’s family. After studying wine growing in various schools, he completed numerous practical trainings in various European countries. At the age of 19 he was granted a scholarship to move to California in order to engage further in the vinification of quality wines. At that time he also became interested in ecological vineyard management which still characterizes his work.

In 1990, at the age of 23, HILLINGER took over his father’s business and started to reform grape production according to his ideas. After a relatively short period of time he was able to chalk up decisive increases in quality and sales. New experiences gained on his journeys through South Africa, Australia and New Zealand have been continuously incorporated in his work. However, the respect for characteristic wines has always had top priority.

Leo HILLINGER’s methods are marked by a deep respect for the grape, the particularities of the terroir and its climatic conditions. His wines are convincing through their fullness and gentleness which mirror the characteristic nature of the land from which they originate.

Carol Shelton Wines

Carol Shelton is widely cited as the most awarded winemaker in the United States. She has won countless medals for her wines and has been honored as Winemaker of the Year numerous times. After years of working with some of the industry’s top winemakers and wineries, Carol continues to win awards and accolades for premium Zinfandels produced under her own brand, Carol Shelton Wines.