Ansejo and Manso

Asenjo & Manso was founded in 2004 in the village of La Horra of Ribera del Duero.  Although the Bodega is young, the wines are amazingly deep and complex due to the 50-100 year old family vineyards. Their production is all organic, with certification to soon follow, and the low yields brought in to the estate are designed for only two wines.  Precise and careful practices are carried out in their pristine new facility, and the wines show this loving effort extremely well.

Wine Appellation
Ceres Ribera Del Duero


Available in: New Hampshire
Grown: Spain
Ribera Del Duero
Established in 1982 as a DO, Ribera del Duero is home to some of the greatest wines of Spain. With millenniums old vine growing history, tradition in this hot Continental/Mediterranean climate is key to production of the large structured red and rosé wines. Located in North Central Spain on the Great Northern Plateau of the Iberian Peninsula, the region is designed around the famous Duero River Valley. Having been carved and settled for well over 5 million years, the land has formed into the likes of a flat plane with some light rolling hills. The soils are well layered with limestone, marl, chalk, and are capped with sedimentary sand and rock. Tinta del Pais (Tempranillo) is king here, digging its roots deep into the layers of earth, producing wines that are land driven, fueled by the sun, and drinkable now or for years to come.