On the Eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl, between Illmitz and Apetlon, this area offers perfect conditions for all levels of sweet wines. Due to the warm, shallow lake and its special, highly humid microclimate, this encourages the formation of noble rot. The light soils shape the character of the wines and promote high quality.Steindorfers vineyards are found very close to the lakeshore.

In Burgenland, you will also find more and more red varieties being planted. Ernst Steindorfer has produced numerous award winning red wines for many years.

Ernst was the winner of the International Trophy 2005 Winery of the year. Steindorfer has a clear mission: to make wines that meet the highest demands and give rise to success.

Wine Appellation
Cuvee Seewinkel Beerenauslese Scheurebe/Pinot Blanc/Chardonnay Burgenland
Available in: Maine
Grown: Austria
Burgenland is a large wine-producing region on the eastern border of Austria. This is the home of red-wine production in Austria, mainly based on Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch. Burgenland occupies a narrow strip of land that runs from the Danube River down to Steiermark in the south. On its eastern side is the border with Hungary, and to the west lies the most eastern foothills of the Alps. The Pannonian Plain has a considerable effect on the styles of wine produced in Burgenland. The plain provides warm, easterly winds that blow through the vineyards during the growing season. This, coupled with relatively high sunshine hours, makes for excellent conditions for the production of red wines. Burgenland is home to the DAC- classified wines of Mittelburgenland, Eisenberg, Leithaberg and Neusiedlersee.