Taking advantage of the excellent sanitary conditions of Chile, and maintaining the old traditions in the land culture, the winery has transformed in the last years into one of the most important Chilean players in the organic wine production. All the vineyards are grown in total absence of chemical pesticides and herbicides thus resulting in an official organic grape production and they are certified by the Swiss Agency IMO, recognized through the world.

Wine Appellation
Sauvignon Blanc Curico Valley
Chardonnay Curico Valley
Pinot Noir Curico Valley
Merlot Curico Valley
Malbec Curico Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon Curico Valley
Available in: New Hampshire
Grown: Chile
Curico Valley
Curico Valley is a wine-producing region in Chile's Central Valley. Curico's vineyards are planted with more varieties than anywhere else in Chile. The valley was the region chosen by Miguel Torres when he began his Chilean wine enterprises in 1979, bringing with him from Spain a number of technological advances that had a significant impact on the Chilean wine industry. The dominant grapes, however, remain the same as they were when the region first appeared on the international wine map: Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.