Domaine de Haut ~ Banchereau ~

Located in the Loire Valley, Domaine de Haut ~ Banchereau ~ produces exceptional Muscadet done in the traditional ‘SUR LIE’ method. Domaine de Haut wines have great depth and complexity with mineral and citrus nuances.


Wine Appellation
Muscasdet Muscadet-Sèvre et Maine
Available in: Maine, New Hampshire
Grown: France
Loire Valley
Known for its white wines mainly Sancerre, Vouvray, Pouilly-Fume and Muscadet, the Loire Valley rests on the northwest side of France beginning just inland from the Atlantic and running the length of the Loire River. The wines from the Loire Valley come in a vast array of styles, from dry to sweet and from predominantly white to sparkling - wines from the Loire are often, but not always, crafted in a lighter style due in part to the region's cooler climate. Styles to keep an eye out for include Pouilly-Fume (the most concentrated regional wine bringing a fuller bodied white made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes), Sancerre (typically medium-bodied and also made from Sauvignon Blanc), Muscadet (named for the region, gives a lighter styled white wine made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape), and Vouvray (from the Chenin Blanc grape).