Azienda Agricola Petrera Pasquale has been making wine in the Gioia del Colle region since the late 1800’s.  Like many wineries in the area, bottling wine came very late to the game, and 5 generations later, the first bottles of ‘Fatalone’ were produced in 1987.
A winery with intense dedication to the earth, their organic farming practices prove to make exceptional Primitivo Gioia del Colle on many different tiers.  It is not so farfetched to learn that the aging wine is accompanied by calm music, when tasting the light, yet serious wines from this house.  An elegance that can only be experienced on the tongue, we find their style to compete with some of the greatest wines of Italy.
Wine Appellation
Primitivo ‘Teres’ Puglia
Primitivo D.O.C Puglia
Available in: Maine, New Hampshire
Grown: Italy
If Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world, it is largely thanks to Puglia, which produces more than any other Italian region, about 17% of the total! Puglia is a long, thin wine region in the far south-eastern corner of the 'boot' of Italy. The hot Mediterranean climate, persistent sunshine and occasional sea breezes make for a near-perfect environment for viticulture. The region is responsible for almost half of Italy’s total olive-oil production and has a long-held reputation as a prolific source of (mostly red) wine. The most obviously full-blooded Puglian grapes are Negoamaro and Primitivo. Almost exclusively cultivated in Puglia, Negroamaro is used to produce some of the region’s best wines. The most famous grape is Primitivo, generally high in alcohol content and full in body. White wines in Puglia count for less than 20% of the overall production.