Humberto Canale

Founded in 1909, Humberto Canale has been dedicated to quality wine production in Rio Negro, Argentina for more than a century. At 39.2 degrees southern latitude, in Argentine Patagonia, Canale’s vineyards thrive in one of the world’s most southerly regions. Rio Negro’s cold nights and intensely sunny days yield consistently ripe, luscious fruit. This ideal setting combined with state-of-the-art winery techniques result in truly exceptional wines.

Wine Appellation
Pinot Noir Patagonia
Malbec Patagonia
Malbec Reserva Patagonia
Available in: Maine, New Hampshire
Grown: Argentina
Patagonia is South America's southernmost wine-producing region. Despite being one of the world's least-obvious places for quality viticulture, this desert region – with its cool, dry climate – has proved itself well suited to producing elegant red wines. Patagonia is a desert, and viticulture is possible only near the rivers, where meltwater from the Andes is abundant for irrigation. The classic desert climate of warm days and cold nights extends the growing season in the region, slowing ripening in the grapes and letting them develop rich varietal character while retaining acidity. While Malbec still plays a central role in Patagonian wine, it is Pinot Noir that has become the region's iconic grape variety. Excellent white wines made from Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling also showcase the freshness of the region's climate.