Les Charmes

The DOMAINE CHATELAIN is cultivated by Jean Claude and his son Vincent. Vine growers from father to son since 1630, Vincent represents the 12th generation. The Pouilly Fumé vines are cultivated using traditional methods and without the use of residuary weedkillers. The 29 hectares are cultivated in all of the appellation’s different soil types : flints and clayey-limestones.

Wine Appellation
Les Charmes Pouilly Fume
Available in: New Hampshire
Grown: France
Pouilly Fume
Pouilly-Fume – a dry white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes – is one of the Loire Valley's most revered wines. It is rivaled in this regard only by Sancerre, just the other side of the Loire River, and perhaps Vouvray. The Pouilly-Fume name is composed of two parts. 'Pouilly' is short for Pouilly-sur-Loire, the village the wines come from. 'Fume' is short for Blanc Fumé , which is the local nickname for Sauvignon Blanc. It is sometimes understandably confused with Pouilly-Fuisse (a Chardonnay-based wine from southern Burgundy).