Wine that lives naturally. Working Biodynamic is a process. It requires patience and carefulness for many years. The sustainable attitude to our resources is attended by persistent development and evolvement of our Angus steers that populate the MEINKLANG landscape. These good-natured beasts of the steppe are wonderfully adapted to the Pannonian grasslands and are not only an aesthetic addition to the Seewinkel landscape; they also complete an ecological circle.

This is unique in Austrian wine country, the estate’s own cattle herd is the source for nutritious, organic dung for the vineyards. The imposing reed belt of the national park seems to disappear into the Pannonian steppe as vineyards meet up with the never-ending horizon. It is here that the Michlits family, Austrian’s leading bio-dynamic vintner, cultivate 55 hectares of vineyards interspersed amongst the small ponds of the steppe.

So, if you look closely you’ll notice the steer’s head on your pretty pink bottle of 100% Austrian Pinot Noir. Those are the guys we have to thank for their rich by-product to feed the beautiful pinot noir vines to give us this satisfying and delicious frizzante wine. The wine is fruity (but not too), dry and easy drinking.


Wine Appellation
Frizzante Pinot Noir Burgundland
Red Blend Zweiglet, Blaufrankisch St. Laurent Burgundland
White Blend Welschriesling/Grüner VVeltliner/Muskat Burgundland
Pinot Noir Burgundland
Available in: Maine, New Hampshire
Grown: Austria
Burgenland is a large wine-producing region on the eastern border of Austria. This is the home of red-wine production in Austria, mainly based on Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch. Burgenland occupies a narrow strip of land that runs from the Danube River down to Steiermark in the south. On its eastern side is the border with Hungary, and to the west lies the most eastern foothills of the Alps. The Pannonian Plain has a considerable effect on the styles of wine produced in Burgenland. The plain provides warm, easterly winds that blow through the vineyards during the growing season. This, coupled with relatively high sunshine hours, makes for excellent conditions for the production of red wines. Burgenland is home to the DAC- classified wines of Mittelburgenland, Eisenberg, Leithaberg and Neusiedlersee.