Bodegas Montebro

Wine Appellation
Crianza Grenacha,/Carignane/Cabernet Sauvignon Priorat
Available in: Maine
Grown: Spain
Priorat is one of Spain's most dynamic wine regions, known for its powerful reds made predominantly from old-vine Garnacha. Located in Catalonia north-eastern Spain, the official Priorat viticultural area lies inland from the historic city of Tarragona. Priorat is remote and rocky. Multi-tiered terraces abound and cling to the contours of the DO's many hills. Many factors contribute to the region's reputation as a premium quality-wine producer. First and foremost is the unique terroir, which combines the poor llicorella soil (a mix of black and red slates and quartz) with a range of mesoclimates created by the sheltering influence of the nearby mountain ranges. The principal varieties continue to be Garnacha and Carignan. However, there have been successful experiments with grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.