Domaine Felines Jourdan

The Domaine Félines Jourdan belongs to the Jourdan’s family since 1983. Wine-producers for several generations in the Languedoc area, our family has the passion of the vines and we use all our knowledge to do the best wines. The vineyards are located in an ideal geographical area, at the edge of the Thau lagoon on the Mediterranean coast. They benefit from cool marine breezes, ensuring the quality of our wines. The region is truly unique, a cool terroir that is ideal for crisp whites and bright reds, and in particular for the Picpoul de Pinet.



Wine Appellation
Felines Jourdan Picpoul de Pinet Languedoc
Available in: Maine
Grown: France
The Languedoc wine region of France is located on the border of the Mediterranean Sea, between the Rhône delta and Spain. The Languedoc region produces mostly red wines, a large portion of which is "Vin de Table" and "Vin de Pays". Languedoc wines are everyday drinking wines. Vineyards in the Languedoc are generally planted along the coastal plains of the Mediterranean. The peak growing season (between May and August) is very dry and the majority of its rainfall occurs during the winter. The main grapes found throughout the Languedoc wine region are Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cinsaut (red); Maccabéo, Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc, Picpoul, Clairette (white).