Rotation Wines

We believe a good life is all about balance. Now that’s exactly what we do with our wines.

Firstly start with ripe juicy grapes from pedigree vineyards in and around the Napa. Mature them in lightly toasted oak for some time. Soon enough the next vintage is upon us, just as the season completes its rotation thru summer. The grapes from this young new vintage goes directly into stainless steel tanks, to extract the fresh flavors and vibrancy. By blending the perfect amounts of each vintage together we create wines that show both structure and body but also the freshness of the fruit.

This blending technique is traditionally reserved for small batch Estate grown wines, but we call it  ‘‘The Art of the Vintage Rotation’’. Hope you enjoy the wines and please rotate home safely.

Wine Appellation
Cabernet California
Merlot California
Chardonnay California
Sauvignon Blanc
Red Blend California
Available in: Maine, New Hampshire
Grown: California, United States