The Strauss wine estate, whose high-quality products are already well known and widely appreciated beyond the region‘s borders, is located in Steinbach, near Gamlitz. The enormous Gamlitzberg is the largest single wine-growing area in southern Styria.

With perfect climate conditions the Strauss vineyards are located on ideal south-facing slopes with optimum soil properties for the grape varieties of the highest quality. These wines are made in to exquisite Gamlitzberg style by the Strauss family.

Wine Appellation
Samling Styria
Sauvignon Blanc Styria
Zweigelt Styria
Available in: Maine
Grown: Austria
It is geographical factors of climate, soil and location that give Styrian wines their characteristic fruity taste of ripe grapes, the lightness that comes from low alcohol content and the dryness of a wine without unpleasant residual sweetness. These wines are also natural products. The small harvests create a large demand for Styrian wine on the part of connoisseurs, vinotheks and better restaurants.