The Path Wines

From well-traveled thoroughfares that overlook stunning Pacific vistas, to solitary meanderings that take you to the most secluded spots you can imagine, the majestic state of California is home to seemingly endless trails that invite exploration. Often you don’t know where these paths might lead, you just have a hunch you may encounter sights and delights you’d never expect, and with that you take the first step.

In the same spirit, they’ve ventured out across the great Golden State of California seeking out uncovered gems: small vineyards tucked away from main roads like forgotten treasures, often tended by growers who have been quietly perfecting their craft for generations. They’ve explored and unearthed many trails—and created a few of their own—to bring you wines that embody the unique sense of wandering exploration from which these wines were born. They’ve fittingly named this family of wines The Path.

Wine Appellation
Chardonnay California
Pinot Noir California
Merlot California
Cabernet Sauvignon California
Available in: New Hampshire
Grown: California, United States
California’s wine country is as diverse as the people and wines that hail from the Golden State. With sun-soaked vineyards as far south as San Diego and as far north as the Oregon border, California’s winegrowing areas cover more than 700 miles and include more than 100 American Viticultural Regions. Each region produces exceptionally diverse wines, with unique personalities and characteristics derived from the climate, soils and people that produce the wine grapes grown there. The state’s diversity means California produces wines for every palate.