Urbanite Cellars

Urbanite Cellars is the culmination of importer Luis Moya’s lifelong dream. Born in Havana Cuba, Luis came to the US in 1980, spending time in Miami before moving to New York where he began his career in wine. He worked at several landmark New York restaurants, including Windows on the World, before embarking on his import and wholesale career, the result of a chance meeting with influential Spanish wine importer Jorge Ordonez.

Unlike most négociant producers, Urbanite Cellars is closely involved in every aspect of the wine making process, from choosing when to harvest the grapes to barrel tasting with their wine makers to determine the final blend. But perhaps most importantly, Urbanite Cellars is committed to building long-term relationships with small family growers who employ responsible farming practices and wine makers who utilize a vineyard-first approach to wine making.

Wine Appellation
White Blend Verdelho/Albarino/Torrontes California
Redart Merlot/Zinfandel/Petit Verdot California
Amplio Cabernet Sauvignon California
Available in: Maine
Grown: California, United States
California’s wine country is as diverse as the people and wines that hail from the Golden State. With sun-soaked vineyards as far south as San Diego and as far north as the Oregon border, California’s winegrowing areas cover more than 700 miles and include more than 100 American Viticultural Regions. Each region produces exceptionally diverse wines, with unique personalities and characteristics derived from the climate, soils and people that produce the wine grapes grown there. The state’s diversity means California produces wines for every palate.