Vieux Clocher

In 1717, the Count Francois de Castellanne, de Lauris, de Vassadel, de Gérard, Chevalier Marquis d’Ampuis, de Lagneroux, universal landlord of the place called Vacqueyras and its lands, donated a parcel of vines to an ancestor of the Arnoux family: Pierre Bovis. From that day onwards, the tradition of the vine and wine has been continued in our family. Today, the vines of the Arnoux family extend over 40 hectares.

Wine Appellation
Cotes Du Rhone Rose, Grenache Rhone Valley
Cotes Du Rhone, Grenache, Syrah, Carignan Rhone Valley
Vacqueyras, Syrah Rhone Valley
Available in: Maine, New Hampshire
Grown: France
Rhone Valley
The Rhone Valley is a key wine-producing region in the south-east of France. The region's wine-producing areas cover such a distance that there is a widely accepted division between its northern and southern parts. This is reflected in geography, grape varieties and the quality and quantity of wines produced. The smaller, quality-driven northern section focuses almost entirely on Syrah for red wines and Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne for whites. The larger south has a longer list of varieties. The most notable of these are the red varieties Grenache and Mourvedre, which are combined with Syrah produce the ‘GSM’ blend. Prestige is also a key differentiator between the northern and southern area. The north boasts old and highly respected names, such as Hermitage. The south is not lacking in prestige, it has the Chateauneuf-du-Pape appellation.