Wild Hog

Wild Hog Vineyard is a small family owned and operated winery and vineyard in the hills between Cazadero and Fort Ross on the Sonoma Coast. The owners, Daniel and Marion Schoenfeld, have transformed the rugged mountain property into a beautiful lush garden resplendent with vineyard, orchard, vegetable beds, and fragrant flowers.

We have been making wine since 1977 and opened the winery in 1990. The wine making practices follow the traditional ways. The highest quality grapes are used, the wine is aged in small oak barrels, and the complete wine making process is carefully tended by hand from the moment the grapes arrive at the winery until they leave as bottled wine.

Wild Hog Vineyard believes that one of life’s finest pleasures is sharing a delicious meal and fine wine with good friends. We at Wild Hog invite you to become part of that enjoyment.

Wine Appellation
Syrah Sonoma Coast
Carignane Dry Creek Valley
Zinfandel Sonoma Coast
Pinot Noir, Saralee Vineyard Russian River Valley
Available in: Maine
Grown: California
Sonoma Coast
The Sonoma Coast, one of the hottest new regions, is in fact, the coolest. What’s hot is the recognition that a place so close to the Pacific, with more than twice the annual rainfall of its inland neighbors, can still be warm enough to ripen wine grapes to their fullest flavor potential. These vineyards rise up above the fogline on slopes once given over to natural forestlands, punctuated by the occasional flock of sheep or herd of cows. On the coast, a thriving seafood industry provides the perfect accompaniment to the region’s vinous offerings. The Sonoma Coast AVA extends from San Pablo Bay to the border with Mendocino County. The area has such a broad range of microclimates that petitions have been made for the creation of sub-AVAs such as the Fort Ross-Seaview AVA. Stay tuned...