About Us

Crush Distributors is a company founded by two childhood friends, Tabitha Blake and Megan Sleeper.

Tabitha, a trained sommelier, spent 5 years living in Northern California working as a wine representative for a successful distribution company.

Megan, after six years working in sales and marketing for top companies in Boston and New York, returned to New Hampshire to work closely with her father at his financial planning practice.

During her visits back to the east coast, Tabitha recognized a shift. People had begun to show increased appreciation and interest in fine wines. Consequently, there had been a rise in the number of sophisticated restaurants, wine shops, and wine bars. With an eye for opportunity, the two began to discuss this exciting trend and how to meld their worlds to embellish it. Megan decided to venture out to Northern California and observe the wine industry firsthand, only to become captivated.

Megan with her business mind and love for wine, combined with Tabitha’s experience within the industry create a powerful team in Crush Distributors.