Megan Crane is the Owner of Crush Distributors in New Hampshire. After graduating from Bryant University with a B.S. in Marketing, she began her career in high-tech public relations at LNS Communications in Boston. Thereafter she continued her path in sales and marketing at Pitney Bowes in New York City and later in private aviation at NetJets Inc.

After several years of living a metropolitan lifestyle, she chose the opportunity to work alongside her father at his financial planning practice in her beloved home-state of New Hampshire. Over the next few years, Megan was able to expand her knowledge and expertise in the financial arena while at the same time discovering her passion for wine.

Armed with a love for wine, a great friend and mentor and a few ideas about how to meet the growing demands of New England’s sophisticated wine market, Crush Distributors was established. Today, Crush Distributors is on the forefront of the wine industry offering a selection of truly exceptional and unique wines with a superior level of service.  Discovery is our passion.

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