In the wine industry we have a saying for those who unexpectedly fall head over heals for the world of wine: “I was bitten by the wine bug”. I suppose being a magnet for good food, wine, and fun people it was inevitable I would end up in the mecca of it all. I was fortunate, just after arriving in California, to begin working for a successful distribution company called McNeil Wines. The growth of McNeil Wines and mine were symbiotic which allowed me to flourish. I worked throughout Northern California, meeting and creating great relationships with top professionals from all facets of the industry: Winemakers, Vineyard Managers, and Top Sommeliers. Meanwhile gaining access to California’s most exclusive wines and embracing the industry from production thru to sales. During this time, I rose to be top sales representative for the company and discovered the foundation for what I feel New England had been longing for; fine wine with great representation. With that said, I welcome you to be a part of something new and ordained for good things.

-Tabitha Perry

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